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Mals Tree Service Maintenance Plans

Mals Tree Service trust can be found with none other than Mals Tree Service! As our name suggests, we’re completely focused on providing all the tree services that residences and businesses will ever need

We only hire tree care specialists who are certified and experienced in tree maintenance. We have worked with many talented individuals over the years, and we have had the privilege of providing their services to the good people of Marietta, GA for over 30 years. We also know how a business should be run. Customer service and superior tree care are the things that are important to us

The adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” applies to more than just your health! If you want to keep your trees looking beautiful now and in the future, let the tree maintenance experts at Mals Tree Service help! Pruning, trimming, and fertilizing trees are just a few of the things we’re able to provide. The easiest thing to do is to maintain healthy trees rather than repairing and restoring damaged and diseased ones. Our tree maintenance service can keep your trees healthy and strong, preventing them from becoming hazards or eyesores in the future

Superior Tree Care

If a tree on your property has received too much damage from a storm, or if pests ate it up from the inside out before you realized it, these situations may warrant a total tree removal. Our tree maintenance service is adept at diagnosing issues and coming up with the least invasive solution possible, even if nothing can be done other than removing the tree for the health of the trees surrounding it. In this case, Mals Tree Service can advise you as to whether it’s best to remove the whole tree or just a few branches

Safety Is Important

Before an accident happens, let our tree maintenance experts provide you with risk assessment for your entire property using tools such as resistograph tests which measure the strength of the tree. It makes sense to protect your most valuable investments such as your home and vehicles. Our tree consulting services will also help you protect something that money cannot buy: the safety of your family. Knowing if trees on your property are at any risk of falling will guide you in your future tree maintenance decisions

Schedule Your Check-Up

When you choose Mals Tree Service, you will have access to the full range of our tree services. Maintenance starts with regular checkups, and it runs the full gamut of tree services, including fertilizing, mulching, trimming, and thinning. We do whatever it takes to maintain the beauty and health of your trees. We can even guide you in selecting trees for your landscaping so that you choose hardy trees that will be easy to maintain in our southeastern climate

Knowledge and Experience

Tree maintenance may also include bracing or cabling the tree to reinforce it. Holding a tree together with synthetic or steel cables is common practice for trees that have wide, heavy canopies. It can prevent the tree from splitting and loosing significant branches which would make the tree unbalanced. Once a tree has been braced, it’s necessary to have it inspected yearly to ensure that the braces are still doing their job and that they aren’t causing any damage to the tree. We’ll never advise you to brace or cable a tree that is dying because that would only cost you unnecessary money and time, and that’s not an ethical practice for any professional tree service company

No matter what type of tree services you’re in need of, Mals Tree Service can provide them, from tree maintenance to emergency tree removal

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We want you to spend less time worrying about your property and more time enjoying it. Contact us at 781-518-6000 or go to the contact page request a tree service quote from one of our arborist technicians.

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